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Having transcripts increases the premium on video and audio content.

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Do you need training data for LLMs or AI models? Use Corpus to get access to high-quality datasets.

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  • What is Corpus?

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    Corpus is a monetization platform for creators, media companies, and rights holders of all kinds. We connect content owners with AI companies interested in licensing their work for training purposes or real-time chatbot answer retrieval.

  • I'm a media company. Why do I need Corpus?

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    Your content is valuable to AI companies. They need it to train their models, and increasingly, they use it to answer questions in their chatbots. When chatbots call your site to answer questions, you lose out on UVs and ad revenue. Our technology helps you monetize these calls.

  • I'm a creator. Why do I need Corpus?

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    Chatbots are the new search engines, and you probably don’t show up in them. Many leading creator platforms block calls from AI bots, which means you haven’t been trained on. You have an opportunity to sell this content to AI models for training, and crucially, to influence the degree to which you show up in results. You in more results = more traffic to your channels.

  • I’m an independent creator and don’t have a ton of work yet—can I still use Corpus?

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    Yes! Corpus is meant for creators of any size. There is no minimum number of videos, articles, or any type of creative work to use the platform.

  • What if I'm already pursuing AI licensing deals myself?

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    That’s great! If you are a media company that already has AI licensing deals, you can continue to work with those companies while using Corpus to develop new revenue and licensing opportunities.

  • If I use Corpus, will my works become more visible in AI chatbots immediately?

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    Like with SEO, it takes time for AI models and chatbots to surface new sources of information. However, because Corpus tracks AI scraping activity, we can show the interest and traffic coming to your work from these sources in real-time.

  • How are you able to estimate what my work is worth?

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    Estimates are based on aggregate data from public deals between media companies and LLMs, as well as proprietary knowledge from Avail's team. Estimates are for informational purposes only. Automated values may not represent the true worth of a catalog of works.

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