Avail Data & Security

Your data privacy is of the utmost importance to us. We take the following measures to protect your sensitive content:

No AI Training:
We, and our partners, do not train on any of your uploaded content or prompts. That means your content will NOT end up in any AI model.

Limited Logging:
We do not store sensitive data in our server logs. In addition, we have configured our application so there is zero data retention of uploaded content or prompts by our partners, including AI LLM providers. This is a big difference versus standard policies requiring 30 days or more of data retention by most platforms using AI LLMs (even in cases where they don’t actively train on user inputs).

We encrypt data both in transit and in storage. Stored data is secured in Amazon Web Services (AWS) with dual-layer server side encryption, which is designed to meet the National Security Agency CNSSP 15 standard, and accepted for use on Top-Secret US government workloads.

Control of Data Retention on Avail:
You are in full control of your data retention policies on Avail. Want us to automatically delete any uploaded source files, Q&A, or entire coverage reports at set intervals of your choosing? We can do that. You can also individually delete any of your content at any time on Avail.

We are continuously enhancing Avail’s data privacy and security. We’ll keep you updated as we continue to improve the measures we take on your behalf.